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Harmony Labels, Inc. specializes in quality Pressure Sensitive Label manufacturing, providing our customers with a wide range of label products at affordable prices. Our clients include businesses in the consumer packaging and personal care industries, and for the bottle, tube and pouch manufacturing industries. So if you're looking for custom label printing, you can find us in the Poconos, PA printing pressure sensitive labels for all the world.

Harmony Labels, Inc. is committed to the most advanced label printing technologies and the capabilities necessary to support customer product launches.

Harmony Labels Proudly announces full GMI Certification for Both CVS and Walgreens

Certification was awarded following an intensive on-site audit involving independent testing and inspections of company-wide processes and capabilities.
It included an in-depth focus on graphics and color management to verify that Harmony Labels utilizes the latest technology in their print and color management processes.
Other areas evaluated included press quality (registration, trapping, die-line accuracy, finishing) and quality assurance (process implementation, audits, traceability,
barcode readability, non-compliance protocol).

Harmony Labels is proud to be one of only 250 certified printers across the United States. Certification is important to us because it is important to our customers.
Our expertise in color management is based on the fact that we print to specific numbers and standards, not a subjective set of rules.

What is GMI?

GMI stands for Global Measures International.

GMI is a global leader in packaging quality services, GMI certifies, monitors and measures the performance of designated
packaging suppliers, a process that holds them accountable to established brand owner standards. GMI helps control the variables
and ensure brand integrity through printer certification, production run sample measurement and in-store packaging assessments.